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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Philippine Airforce Combat Utility Helicopter (W-3 Sokol)

The Department of National Defense recently procured the Eight (8) Sokol Helicopters from Poland amounting to 2.8 Billion Pesos from Augusta Swidnik.

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  1. These purchase of SOKOL helicopters by the Philippine Air Force is a welcome development. I can't wait to see these brand new helicopters flown by our air force pilots, NOT the vintage hand-me downs from our "BEST" known "ALLY". We shoul get more advance defence equipment from other sources like RUSSIA, INDIA, CANADA, even CHINA, who wants to trade and counter-trade with our country. The US doesn't have the edge anymore on advance weapons. Other countries are catching up and will sell without attached pre-conditions. More power and excellent job to our air force. The Philippine Air Force is on the RISE!