Fighter Jet

Monday, January 10, 2011

Images of Philippine Airforce Attack Helicopter


  1. kelan kaya makikita dito ang 12 FA 50 na nareport last year na bibilihin kamo ng philippine government? next year?2015,2016?hehehehe..katawatawa....baka hangggang palawan na nakakarating ang mga chinense nyan? bat kaya ang hirap makabili ng bagong eroplano ang pilipino may pundo naman?the most weakest armed forces in South East Asia...

  2. Well that's very so sad to tell you that until now our Official can't sign the Contract Deal to Korea Aerospace Dev't Corp. for the procurement of 12 FA-50 Fighters it has been more than a year ago that they announce to buy that bird. They said that they are currently investigating the T-50(Derivative of FA-50 Fighter) Trainer Jets of Korean Airforce that crashed leaving 2 pilots killed...